Wonder Woman Movie Collectible – Noir Edition

Noir Wonder Woman is mostly grayscale with color highlights. Proudly, she stands with a sword held in her right hand. Her eyes are big and brown, her hair is long, black and flowing, and she wears a silver tiara.

Her silver trimmed armor has a red bodice and a gray skirt. Across her shoulder is a weapon sling and at her waist is the gold Lasso of Truth.

A silver band decorates one bicep and silver & gray cuffs cover her forearms. Red & silver thigh high boots complete the armor.

The figure stands upon a silver Wonder Woman logo base, is about 8 inches tall, and comes packaged in a window box. It is a dual exclusive of Barnes & Noble and Cryptozoic’s convention booths.

Fun Fact:

Gal Gadot, who portrayed Wonder Woman in the 2017 film, served for two years as a sports trainer in the Israeli Defense Forces.

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