Pennywise We All Float Q-Fig Max Elite

In the cavern beneath the sewers of Derry stands little Georgie Denbrough. Towering over him is Pennywise who has taken a large spider-like form.

Georgie is wearing his yellow raincoat and green galoshes, the same outfit he was wearing when he disappeared 27 years earlier. One arm is outstretched as he tries to hand you his paper boat. All that remains of his other arm is a bloody stump.

Pennywise has cracking face paint, a creepy smile, and crazy orange hair. He still wears a dirty gray clown costume with red poms and accents. Four long spider legs surround Georgie and two smaller legs rest behind his arms.

All around Georgie and Pennywise are jagged stalagmites that rise from the round base.

The figure is about 7 inches tall and comes packaged in a collector box. It is a Walmart exclusive.

Fun Fact:

On Earth, ITs true physical form is that of a giant spider. Outside of our human universe, IT exists as a mass of lights called the Deadlights.

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