Outlander Jamie Fraser

Jamie has wavy brown hair and a stubbled beard. His blue eyes intensly stare off into the distance.

He wears a blue jacket with lots of round buttons, a brown vest, and boots. A blue, yellow and red tartan decorates his kilt.

His left hand rests upon his sheathed sword and a sheathed dagger is attached to his gold-buckled belt. Jamie stands upon a grass and rock covered stand.

The figure is about 7 inches tall and packaged in a closed box. It is designed to look like a box for a bottle of Scotch.

From The Box:

Jamie Fraser's sense of honor and and his devotion to those he loves is legendary, reaching across time. This figure captures Jamie as portrayed in the historical time-travel drama Outlander. Standing on the rocks in 18th century Scotland, Jamie dramatically looks out across the Highlands, ready to battle for his soulmate Claire and his family.

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  • 3000
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