Mezco Designer Series Deluxe IT – Pennywise

Deluxe Pennywise features two interchangeable heads. The first has wild orange hair, cracking face paint, piercing yellow eyes, a red nose, and a sinister grin. The second head has flattened hair, similar facial features, and a horrific smile filled with rows of pointy teeth.

He is wearing a dirty gray clown costume with a white ruffled collar and cuffs, red poms, and red & white stripe details. On his feet are oversized shoes with poms on the toes. A red balloon is also included which Pennywise can hold in his left hand.

The Mezco Designer Series (MDS) figure stands about 6 inches tall, has 8 points of articulation, and is packaged in a window box.

Fun Fact:

Bill SkarsgÄrd trained with a contortionist for his role as Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

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