Living Dead Dolls Presents IT 1990: Pennywise

Stay clear of the sewers in Derry or you’ll float too after purchasing the LDD Presents Pennywise doll from the original 1990 IT TV mini-series.

He’s wearing real cloth clothing which matches the brightly colored clown suit he wore in the show.  He also wears black oversized clown shoes and has rooted red hair.

Pennywise wouldn’t be complete if he wasn’t carryinng around his trademark crimson balloon. Would you take a balloon from him? Don’t let his smile full of razor sharp teeth scare you away.  Clowns are fun…right?

The doll stands 10-inches tall, features 5 points of articulation and is packaged in a specially die cut window box.

Fun Fact:

A $12 million budget was given for the creation of the 1990 IT, which was just a two-night television event.

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