Jason Voorhees with Head Mondoid

This Mondoid has taken the form of Jason Voorhees from the Friday The 13th movies. Covering his face is a hockey mask that is cut and broken. One beady eye, a maggot-filled socket, and the side of his skeletal mouth are all that is exposed.

A chain wraps around one side and maggots crawl out of the cuts on the back of his head. Work gloves and a blue shirt cover most of his squat skeletal body.

Held by his right hand is the mummified head of Pamela Voorhees, Jason’s mother. An interchangeable arm is also included that has a bloody machete in its hand.

The figure is about 2.75 inches tall and its head is interchangeable with other Mondoids. It is an exclusive of the Mondo eStore and limited to 450.

Fun Fact:

Jason's original name was Josh, but it was decided that wasn't scary enough, so it was changed to Jason.

  • Limited to:
  • 450
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