Ghost-Spider Q-Fig Elite

Launching out of the Spider-Verse is Gwen Stacy dressed in her crime fighting costume. As she leaps across rooftops and listens to music, she is on the lookout for evildoers.

She wears a black & white outfit with a white mask and hood. Pink accents and spiderweb details complete the look and a music player rests on her hip.

Flipping over a crumbling roof, Gwen has written “Ghost” with her web shooters. Her favorite music has come to life as Pink ombre musical notes that dance around her.

The EverStone diorama is about 4 inches tall and is packaged in a window box.

Fun Fact:

On Earth-65 Gwen Stacy is known as Spider-Woman. After traveling to Earth-616, she adopts the alias "Ghost-Spider".

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