Deadpool x Unicorn Q-Fig Max Elite

Crazy as ever and high above the clouds is Deadpool. Legs outstretched, an arm raised in excitement, and his sword pointing the way he flies off on an adventure while riding his trusty unicorn.

Deadpool is wearing his red & black suit with a brown utility harness and canister grenades. His puffy unicorn wears a red mask, has a yellow horn, a pink mane, and a rainbow colored tail.

Beneath the duo is a vibrant rainbow and swirling clouds. Bursting out of the clouds are colorful stars, some with cartoonish expressions.

The figure rests upon a round base and comes packaged in a collector box. It is a Walmart exclusive.

Fun Fact:

Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, was inspired by the D.C. character Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke. Both are mercenaries with regenerative healing, enhanced strength and agility, and are skilled with guns and swords.

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