Deadpool x Ghost Rider Q-Master

Ghost Rider sits on a log in front of a crooked tree with leafy branches. He has an annoyed look on his face as he looks up at the blaze of fire on his head.

Spikes detail the shoulders, wrists, and boots of his black leather motorcycle suit. Wrapped across his chest and back is his Hellfire Chain.

Hiding in the bushes behind Ghost Rider is Deadpool. He happily squints at the marshmallow on a stick that he toasts with Ghost Rider’s flames.

Deadpool is wearing his red & black costume with a brown utility harness and a pair of gray canister grenades.

The Everstone statue is 11″ long, 11″ wide, and 11″ tall. It comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity and is packaged in a collectors box.

Fun Fact:

Deadpool worked with not one, but two Ghost Riders in Deadpool Team-Up #897.

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