DC Bombshells Harley Quinn – Red and Black Edition

Red and Black Harley has red hair with black highlights and black-tipped pigtails. She has a white painted face, bright green eyes, pink eyeshadow and cheeks, and dark red lips.

Her outfit features a red & black strapless bikini top under a black aviator jacket. She has black short shorts with a yellow utility belt. Her thigh-high stockings are decorated with her diamond symbols; one stocking is red and the other is black.

Accessories consist of aviator goggles on her head, yellow bell earrings, a black choker, dog tags, a black pistol, red gloves, a white card tucked in one stocking, and brown boots. She stands on a black bomb-shaped stand with a red and white striped nose cone.

The figure is about 7.5 inches tall and packaged in a window box. It is an exclusive of Thinkgeek for the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con and is limited to 3000.

Fun Fact:

Harley Quinn's first comic book appearance was in The Batman Adventures #12.

  • Limited to:
  • 3000
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