Catwoman Q-Fig Elite

Straight from Batman: The Animated Series is Catwoman. The mischievous thief licks her lips as her big green eyes stare at a huge gem that is held in her hand.

She wears a gray catsuit with a black mask, cat ears, elbow length gloves, and boots. A whip is on her hip and a thin belt with yellow details completes the costume.

An adorable cat is perched on her head as another cat rubs against her leg. A third cat pops out of Catwoman’s goody bag revealing a pearl necklace. The bag sits upon a cat-like gargoyle that guards the rooftop.

The figure is about 5 inches tall, rests on a round base, and is packaged in a window box.

Fun Fact:

The Cat and the Claw Part I, which features Catwoman, was the very first episode of Batman: The Animated Series to air on television.

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